"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety a top priority. With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."


  1. School system/education. Ranked #6 (NICHE) in the state. Graduation rate 89%, Reading & Math proficiency 62%. #34(of 183) for district with the best teachers. Increase teacher salary (current average salary ($58,000.) to attract and keep the best. Decrease student/teacher ratio from 14/1 to 12/1 (National 17/1). We should pursue at least 2 more major college campuses. Besides being a significant revenue source, it also attract and keep the younger generation in and around the county. Examples of such colleges are 1) The Savannah College of Arts and Design. It will compliment the booming local movie industry. 2) Hillsdale College: - a conservative and progressive college with a stellar reputation. (Full Disclosure: I have no affiliations to these colleges)


Increase assisted living communities/housing for retirees and baby boomers. Develop more affordable   communities/units. 2010 census showed 12% baby boomers. Most likely higher in 2020 census. I will be a strong advocate for this cause.


Piedmont Fayette Hospital  is among the top 1% hospitals in the country by Healthgrades. It is an excellent anchor for the healthcare system in Fayette county. In addition to numerous private practices of every specialty,  Emory University and Kaiser Permanente are well established. These facilities must be maintained and supported.


Fayette county has numerous parks and recreational facilities; consequently, numerous green spaces.They must be supported, maintained, and enhanced in a consistent manner.

What future recreational opportunities do I see for the county?

In a previous question I proposed the idea of 1) acquiring a theme park such as Disney World or Universal Studios, 2) a bike path that connects the major towns of Fayette county, 3) annual 200 miles bike race called the “Fayette 200”. Other project are building a large outdoor skateboard and roller-skating facility, indoor ice-skating ring, and a drive-in movie theater. Such a theater can be in the vicinity of Pinewoods Studio. 4) Monthly senior citizen day. Once per month have a special day to celebrate and appreciate our senior citizens.


Market diversity: Fayette county 71% white, 20% black, 7% Hispanic. There is strength in diversity. All advertisements should show a racial diversity picture


In addition to pursuing the two university campuses mentioned under education, other businesses to persue are: 

  • Automotive manufacturing plant. Will provide jobs, build families, attract, and keep families. We have the space (>>98,000 sq. miles), railway, local airport, nearby international airport, and state highways.

  • Major Amusement Park (Disney, Six flags Universal Studio, Knott’s Berry Farm). Will provide jobs, revenue and enhance controlled community growth.

  • A comprehensive VA clinic. Being a veteran, it can at times be daunting to drive 25 miles to Newnan. I will make this a personal project to obtain such a facility in Fayette county. 

  • Would I be in favor of consolidating some services with the cities?

  • In exploring the consolidation of some services with the cities, one needs to look at the services provided by the county. Examples of such services include but are not limited to: police protection (Sheriff’s Department), Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Recreation, Planning and Land Use Regulation, Code Enforcement including Building, Zoning, and Development Regulations, Solid Waste Management, Library services, Public Works activities such as Road and Right-of-Way Maintenance, Courts and related services, and Administrative Services such as Tax Assessments and Collections. I will be in favor of consolidating the following services with the cities:1) Planning and zoning department. The Fayette County Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for developing long and short-range plans to guide the growth of the unincorporated county and the administration of regulations that implement these plans for growth. 2) Solid waste management. It will be beneficial to have a single uniform body overseeing this department.